Press Release 1


First of all, we just wanted to thank you for being a Contractor Appointments customer over the years. We truly believe that working together has made and will make the home improvement booking experience better.

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, we’ve made some significant upgrades to the booking platform over this year, most notably:

  • New Appointment Reminder Cancellation/Rescheduling Flow (resulting in a 95% demo rate of confirmed appointments nationwide)
  • Improved integrations with external CRM platforms (and soon Google Calendar)
  • Increase in appointment volume (Contractors now receive 2x the number of appointments per month as they did 1 year ago)

Yet, still our biggest complaint/feedback from contractors is the quantity of appointments. Unfortunately, doubling volume isn’t as easy as it sounds (believe me, we wish it was). Our team has been working hard on this with many of you over the past few months to create our new pricing structure that will help us, help you get more appointments.

Value-Based Bid Pricing

In lieu of a generic price increase, we are letting you control how much you are willing to pay and for specific project types. We understand that not all projects (i.e. metal vs asphalt roofing) are created equal, nor is the potential profit per job in every geographic area, and we believe the cost should reflect that.

  • You can set your static bid based on project type and/or at the zip code level.
  • Your bid + calendar availability = your position in the booking results.
  • Only 3 companies show up in the search results, so if a customer’s project type and zip code are more valuable, make sure your bid is competitive.
  • The best part is, you can change your bids anytime, and our support team can help you optimize your campaign to meet your cost per sale goals.
  • Your bids help us allocate consumer marketing dollars and generate move volume in areas that matter most to you.

The Value-Based Bidding will be available in California and Colorado starting September 13th, 2019 with starting bids of $150 for roofing and $200 for Solar projects. Please schedule a call with your account manager to update your bids. Other markets soon to follow.

Thank you,

Sean Conners
Contractor Appointments