How To Close 30% of Your Appointments

Tips, Tricks, & Proven Strategies to Help You Grow.

Tracking appointment closing rates is really important to us, but maybe not for all the reasons you might think.

You see, when we started Contractor Appointments our goal wasn't just to help contractors gain more customers but to also help homeowners actually find quality contractors.

Closing rates directly add to our contractor's bottom line, they also indicate that our service is working well for the homeowner too.

Are they getting what they're looking for?

After booking over 22,000 appointments and surveying why homeowners chose their contractors we have a few helpful tips of how to close 30% or more of your appointments.

1. Sell The Price.

Improving your home is like buying a car, most buyers want all the new features, the newest body style, but most people don't have $50,000 in cash to buy a car today, yet everyone's driving around in fancy new cars. How does this happen? Consumers don't buy $50,000 cars, they buy cars for $500 a month. Car dealers never advertise the price of the car, they advertise the monthly payment. 50% of home improvement projects over $5,000 are financed, it's time to sell a roof for $169/mo or a remodel for $249/mo. Here's a link to a few home improvement financing companies.

2. Sell the value

The truth is, customer don't start out shopping for price; they don't even start out shopping for a specific product. Instead, customers want to buy a solution that will give them the outcome they desire. If you provide a product and price, you compete on price, but if you provide a solution to their desire and explain the added value they will gain, you build value. For example, sell a "complete roofing system" with lifetime transferable warranty against leaks, give them the option to drop the warranty for a lower price. Find what customer value most, i.e. lifetime warranty = peace of mind.

3. Follow up, follow up, follow up

Making a large financial decision can take time, monthly payment or not, the larger the cost, the longer the potential decision making timeline. The key is to never stop following up because when you stay front of mind with the potential customer you keep your chance alive. Alternatively, if you stop following up you have a 0% chance of closing the sale. Following up can be as simple as an email newsletter, calls and/or texts.  Here are a few roofing CRM tools that make following up with customer easier.