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Sean Conners invites Chuck Thokey of TOP REP to join him on this live webinar to talk about the pain points and solutions for companies who are trying to get more out of their marketing spend while the word “recession” is circling around.

Chuck will be providing his insight and expertise in the sales and marketing fields, to provide value to companies looking to understand if marketing will change with the fear of recession looming, how to consistently differentiate your company for others in the midst of these economic changes, and how to keep your sales team accountable to every issued lead, to truly maximize every lead that comes through.


  • How does marketing change with fear of a recession
  • How to clearly differentiate your company from the crowd of other contractors
  • How to keep sales reps accountable on every issued lead


Sean Conners
Founder & CEO of Contractor Appointments

Sean Conners is the Founder, and CEO of Contractor Appointments, a performance-based lead generator providing predictable growth for top home service brands. Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Sale.

Sean geeks out on building systems, structure, and automation that empower better customer experiences. The past 14 years of his career have been spent in technology and lead generation for Home Services brands. He’s a father of 8 amazing kids, has been married almost 14 years, and resides in the beautiful state of Minnesota. He loves to snowboard with his kids in the winter and spend every minute they can on a lake in the summer.

Chuck Thokey

Co-Founder of ‘TOP REP’

Chuck Thokey is a sales and marketing coach, author, mentor, and one of the home services top keynote speakers. Helping small to large home improvement organizations grow their sales by as much as 200%, Chuck has the experience and knowledge to meet and even exceed your revenue goals. Most companies looking for an effective coach are asking for someone with up to date success and experience, Chuck is also the VP of Sales for one of the fastest growing exterior remodeling companies in Ohio, American WeatherTECHS operating out of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. In his past, he built, trained and managed many of the largest teams in the home service industry.

Currently, Chuck is working with small, medium and large companies all over the country that are in need of coaching on different levels. Speaking at many different conferences and company events across the nation on topics ranging from The Prospects Experience, Strategic Closing, and Sales Leadership / Coaching. Chuck is also co-founder of TOP REP High Performance Sales Training, the country’s most immersive sales training and coaching platform.

“Chuck Thokey isn’t only the best Sales Trainer in our industry, Chuck is the best Sales Trainer in the country!” – Steve Patrick; Level The Playing Field

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