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Sean Conners interviews guest speaker Mark Delorey (VP of Product at Hatch) and Sean Coughlin
(Director of Sales at Hatch) to discuss a variety of topics related to rehashing leads, including: How companies can use Hatch to reengage stale leads, how accurate AI texting really is, and do you risk any brand credibility in sounding too automated.

On this webinar, they’ll also be discussing what type of return companies are seeing on rehash, and what success Mark & Sean has seen with companies using Hatch’s form of texting vs traditional SMS tools.


  • How companies are using Hatch to reengage stale leads.
  • How accurate is AI texting.
  • Do you risk any brand credibility in sounding too automated.
  • What type of return are companies seeing on rehash.
  • What success have Mark and Sean seen with companies using this form of texting vs traditional SMS tools.


Sean Conners
Founder & CEO of Contractor Appointments

Sean Conners is the Founder, and CEO of Contractor Appointments, a performance-based lead generator providing predictable growth for top home service brands. Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Sale.

Sean geeks out on building systems, structure, and automation that empower better customer experiences. The past 14 years of his career have been spent in technology and lead generation for Home Services brands. He’s a father of 8 amazing kids, has been married almost 14 years, and resides in the beautiful state of Minnesota. He loves to snowboard with his kids in the winter and spend every minute they can on a lake in the summer.

Mark Delorey

VP of Product at Hatch

Mark (Hatch, VP Product) is business technology leader with over 15 years experience building growth and marketing technology for small businesses. He initially worked in digital marketing, pioneering strategies that consistently delivered more leads for small businesses through SEO, PPC, and website optimization. After that, Mark focused on driving leads through offline strategies like SMS, email, and even direct mail. Mark always prioritizes creating and demonstrating value by focusing on analytics that measure marketing and sales processes so they can be quantified and optimized over time.

Mark lives in Utah and enjoys traveling, especially spending time in the mountains with his family hiking, biking, and skiing.

Sean Coughlin

Director of Sales at Hatch

Sean comes from Hatch with several years of working with small and medium sized businesses for growth. Before that he worked as a general contractor and the Marine Corps. Sean enjoys working with clients to solve their sales goals and to help them scale at mass.

When Sean isn’t working, he is pretending to be a good golfer and is an amateur runner.

Sarina Warren
Webinar Moderator

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