How Are Contractor Appointments Generated?

Contractor Appointments are generated through 100% inbound methods including Google, Facebook and Bing ads.  Homeowners search online looking for an estimate, click on an ad and can book their appointment 100% online or call us directly to book their estimates.

How Are Contractor Appointments Verified?

When homeowners go online to book their appointment our platform automatically verified their contact information through a phone call and or text verification making sure this is a real person.  The customer's address is matched to Google to ensure it's accuracy and checked against the property records.  Project details and notes are read and verified by a real person and are call verified if in question.

What's The Average Closing Rates?

Approximately 20-30%. Although closing rates will depend on many factors our contractors have reported that between 20-30% of appointments have resulted in closed business.

How Many Contractor Appointments Can I Expect?

The average contractor receives between 3-5 appointments per week.  This is depending on your geographic coverage area, trades, and calendar availability.

How Many Contractors Do I Complete With?

Homeowners can book up to a maximum of 3 contractors on their project.  Each at their own unique 2 hour time/date.