Appointment feedback.

How can I request a credit?

To request an appointment credit please navigate to your dashboard: Login -> Enter your login information -> Next click on the customer’s name -> Click “Request Credit.”

How long do I have to request a credit on an appointment?

You have 14 days from when the customer initially booked with you to request a credit on the appointment.

What if the phone number is disconnected or unreachable?

We do recommend still showing up to the customer’s booked date/time since this is their expectation.  If they are a no-show and you cannot reach them, then you can request a credit.

What if the customer is a “no-show?”

Customers may rarely “no-show” your appointment. Calling and texting the customer at and up to 30 minutes after arriving at the property is recommended.  If the customer does not respond, and you are unable to speak with the customer after four attempts via text message and a phone call, you are eligible for appointment credit.

What if the customer cancels on the phone?

Customers can cancel for many reasons, and not all are eligible for appointment credit. Customers who are postponing projects until a future date or do not meet a specific set of qualification criteria are not eligible for appointment credit. If the customer was not looking for the estimate or it was a mistake you are eligible for appointment credit.  Please see our Terms of Service for all returnable reasons.

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